School Profile

Our School at a Glance

Orbits Pioneers International School (OPIS) was established in 2014 by Mr. Talal Awad Al Qahtani. The school is located on Azizia road, near Bahrain Bridge in Al-Khobar. The school covers an area of approximately 8000 meters and contains two separate sections, two separate buildings and two adequate playgrounds. The school follows English language as medium of instruction and provides a rigorous standard- based American Curriculum in lower grades and British Curriculum in higher grades. However, it also maintains a strong Arabic program based on Saudi Arabic Curriculum to ensure that our students gain proficiency in both languages.

The school is run by qualified administrators, with years of experience in school management and curriculum development. Most of our teachers are certified educators, and those who are not, have had years of experience working as teachers.


OPIS Vision

Orbits' Pioneers International School is fully dedicated and committed to build an innovative environment that enables creativity, team work, and honesty in a safe and well developed educational atmosphere which leads to outstanding results in both academic and personal development.



Pioneers in education while maintaining our values and respecting other culture.


Academic Divisions


Kindergarten - 1,2&3

Elementary – Grades 1 through grade 6

Middle – Grades 7&8

High – Grade 9


By the Numbers…

15 Nationalities:

Egyptian = 24.56%

Jordanian = 22.20%

Lebanese = 2.16%

Pakistan = 2.36%

Saudi Arabian = 31.43%

Sudanese = 3.14%

Syrian = 8.25%

American, Turkey, Canadian, Algeria, Filipinas, Palestinian, Ukraine and Yemani = 5.89%

Grading System

It is the belief that grades earned by students OPIS are …

·         Inquirers

·         Knowledgeable

·         Thinkers

·         Communicators

·         Open minded and respectful citizens

The Early Years program provides narrative assessments to describe achievement. Elementary achievement is measured against curriculum standards along a continuum of development. Middle and High School grading follows a standard grading system utilizing lettered grades to indicate achievement.

Read more about our grading system in the Student Handbook.

Standardized Tests

To hold ourselves accountable to high educational standards, OPIS measures student learning on a consistent basis. In addition to curriculum based assessments such as end of unit tests, project based learning, and weekly tests, student learning is measured through the MAP – Measures of Academic Progress – testing for students in grades 3-9. All students in these grades take formative assessments in math, reading, and language usage.

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