Assessment and Testing

Student Assessment & Testing

Student achievement is measured in a numbers of ways at OPIS. We utilize MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests to measure individual progress over time as well as annual standardized tests to show our students' progress as measured against their peer group.

Testing at OPIS

·  MAP Testing:
OPIS School is pleased to announce the implementation of MAP – Measures of Academic Progress – testing for students in grades 3 through grade 9.  MAP is sponsored by NorthWest Evaluation Association, a non-profit educational organization whose mission is to help all kids learn.  Beginning the week of January 8 all students in these grades take formative assessments in math, reading, and language usage. Each test is done on the computer, and takes less than an hour to complete. The tests are adaptive which means that the difficulty of each question is based on and adjusted to how well the student answers the previous question.  This means that each student's test is unique.

We will be assessing students using the MAP twice per year, generally in the fall and spring. Unlike the  summative or final results of a student’s achievement in various subjects that year, the MAP results will show student growth or progress from the first testing to the second testing.  This will give teachers valuable data to help guide instruction and determine your child’s growth in reading, math, and language usage in the course of the year.   We will also be able to use this data to chart your child’s academic growth from year to year.  Another advantage of MAP testing is that the results are available within a few days of testing so that teachers – and parents – may know how their students performed and what areas may need further instruction.

There is no need for you to prepare your child for this upcoming testing other than to ensure adequate rest and a good breakfast.  Attendance is important.  We will be sharing more information with you in the coming weeks. You may also go to's website and view the Parent Toolkit.  We are excited to be bringing this program to our school and are confident that frequent and accurate data will lead to more effective teaching and greater learning for each child.

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