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Kindergarten department is firmly rooted in the strong belief that learning is built upon a strong foundation, and that making connections to previous experiences creates meaningful life-long learning. Our commitment to OPIS’s mission, vision and values, keeps us focused on our goals of assisting all students in their journey to becoming positive, active global citizens, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and understandings essential for succeeding in a changing world, and supporting them as they strive to meet and exceed standards.

Through authentic, inquiry based, and hands-on learning experiences, students are encouraged to pose thoughtful questions, willingly explore disciplines, solve real life problems, express ideas and opinions, consider alternative points of view, share ideas with others, and use technology as a learning tool.  Ample time is provided for the consolidation of both knowledge and skills, with an emphasis made on developing each student’s ability to articulate their understanding. Your child’s school year is a personal journey marked by numerous celebrations of success and marked growth.

Social and emotional student development is as important to us as the academics. Empowering students to become independent, contributing members of our community is a top priority in the lower elementary school. Our school’s values of Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, and Compassion lay the foundation for life in the  school community. Students are engaged in a variety of service projects throughout the year, aimed at developing active compassionate global citizens.

All members of our community are committed to upholding the understandings, which our lower elementary identity statement is based upon:

“Through inquiry, exploration, and play, we aim to develop the whole child, nurturing both social and emotional growth, as well as providing students with a challenging academic program. In an environment that is centered around our school’s values, students develop meaningful relationships, and learn critical problem solving skills through authentic and collaborative experiences. Utilizing best practice, we provide a solid foundation for learning, while ensuring that students are equipped with twenty-first century skills. We empower students to develop a strong sense of pride and ownership in their growth and accomplishments by encouraging them to celebrate and reflect on their learning.”

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