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This is the building block phase that will hereafter guide our students throughout high school, university and beyond. Our program is one that comprehends that, and one that is vigorous but simultaneously designed to provide our students with a well-rounded education.

  • Core Subjects
    • Mathematics, Science, Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Word Study), and Social Studies.


 In an aim to foster meaningful literacy instruction, students are engaged in a variety of language experiences that focus on developmentally appropriate skill acquisition in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. A strong emphasis is placed on literature appreciation, with students involved in literary discussions in literature circles, class novel studies and daily teacher read aloud. Utilizing Readers’ Workshop, educators are able to instruct students at their readiness levels and individualize literary teaching and learning experiences to best meet varied student needs. Through Writers’ Workshops, all students are engaged in daily writing experiences, ranging from the very emergent writing forms in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, to more developed ranges of written expression in Grades 1 - 5. The Elementary Literacy Coach provides ongoing program support by fostering best literary teaching and learning practices in the area of language arts.



The math curriculum is delivered through an inquiry based approach, whereby students mathematical practices to engage in in-depth, hands-on investigations in the areas of: number sense, computation and estimation, geometry, measurement, problem solving, patterns, functions, and algebra, statistics, data analysis and probability. The Math Coordinator works closely with teachers to provide continuous professional development, on-going curricular support, and guidance with the planning, delivery, and assessment of math units. Students work collaboratively to construct mathematical understandings and extend their learning based on their individual abilities and needs. A strong emphasis is based on communicating understandings and sharing strategies with others.

Science and Social Studies

The Science Coordinator is responsible for facilitating science teaching and learning experiences and coordinating the overall program. Science and Social Studies topics are explored and taught through an inquiry based approach; whereby students are involved in constructing knowledge by engaging in hands-on experiences and making connections between new learning experiences and prior knowledge. Teachers facilitate in the process of developing the skills of continually questioning, analyzing, and reflecting upon learning throughout topic exploration. Such inquiry-based programs effectively cater to the typical broad range of student needs in any given classroom and provide room for enrichment opportunities. Social Studies skills are similarly developed in practical activities with topic related literature integrated within the language arts program.

  • School World Language
    • We believe that learning another language and culture is fundamental to a complete education. Languages being taught include Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic and Arabic as a Foreign Language).
  • Arts
    • The Art education at ASD is comprised of four different components, that are intertwined to ensure that our students know the value of Art. These include Art Creation, Perception and Evaluation, as well as Connections.
  • Physical Education
    • The Physical Education program focuses on developing the fundamental movement skills, which form a foundation for both healthy growth and the acquisition of the many locomotion and manipulation requirements of sports and many other areas.

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