Welcome Elemenatry

1-        Welcome to Elementary

Enriched by 486 students hailing from over 45 different countries, the elementary school is focused on improving student academic learning, as well as developing students' social and emotional readiness through our school values of Honesty, Responsibility, Respect, and Compassion. Our students, who range in age from six to twelve years old, have mastered the basic skills and knowledge of lower elementary school, and will further develop and refine the higher level thinking skills necessary for success not only in the upper elementary, but also for middle school.

Guided by OPIS’s mission, vision, it is our goal to have all students meet and or exceed standards and benchmarks. In all subject areas, we emphasize academic rigor and high standards through inquiry based teaching and learning which is designed to have students gain in-depth understanding of concepts and skills. Our academic program is further enhanced by our efforts to prepare students to be positive, active global citizens in an ever changing world through service learning opportunities, advanced use of classroom technology, and authentic learning experiences.

In addition to our core learning experiences, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular experiences such as after school sports, activities, academic support, special events, field trips, and many other school-wide activities.  

At OPIS, our students are provided with opportunities to learn in a truly dynamic community.  In the upper elementary, our students laugh, play, make friends, solve problems, and bring out the best in one another.

We look forward to a wonderful year full of fun and learning for your child in the elementary, where everyone is welcome and appreciated.

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